Tiny House Project

A Capstone Project

The Off Grid Tiny House capstone is a multidisciplinary design project with the goal of applying innovative solutions to create a self-sustaining home as well as gaining real world experience in a group dynamic. The tiny house not only offers a chance to use engineering practices in a real-world situation, but also the opportunity to work alongside students from Art and Design, Professional Studies, and Liberal Arts colleges. The project encompasses many of the elements of what it means to be an Alfred University student; the ability to work productively and cooperatively in a diverse group, develop problem-solving skills, express ideas through written and verbal communication, and the use of logical reasoning.

Tiny House Interior 1

Future Plans

The marketing team lead by Abbey Fox and Ariana Dibble will design two separate marketing plans for the future of the home. The first marketing plan will be how to use the home as a marketing asset for Alfred University to reach out to prospective students and alumni. The goal is to magnify what Alfred University students are capable of outside the classroom in a way that is easy for these audiences to see. The second plan will be about selling the home and the desirable demographics to target. Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word will be utilized to create the most effective plans. Ideally, the sales from the home would then be placed into an applied learning grant for future students to use in their own hands on learning.