Weight & Trailer


Full Weight Distribution Analysis Coming Soon!

Photo of the front of a trailer


The trailer is 24' by 7.5'

We chose to purchase the trailer from the Tiny Home Builders.

The trailer was received in early November and plans were begun to prep it for the build.

In order to begin construction, insulation must first be installed. A geo textile material will be placed below the trailer, then between the beams, spray foam will be placed with a thickness of roughly 5-6 inches to achieve the desired R value above 22.

The home will be attached directly to the trailer without the need for a subframe due to the usage of spray foam insulation.

Illustration of a deck


Our team focusing on the deck design as well as the bending and torque calculations for the trailer is comprised of Matthew Derse and Kevin Volz. As of yet the two of them are working to develop a manual system capable of lowering the designed deck featured:

Budgeting for necessary deck materials was based on prices found via Lowe's. Preliminary estimations anticipate the price of the deck and potential cable system to be $427.84 falling within the $500 allocated budget for this portion of the project. The cable that has been looked into has a load limit of 1400 pounds with the estimated total weight of the deck design being 55 pounds. The bending and torque calculations will allow for the Tiny House Team to ensure that the house in its entirety will not be too much for the purchased trailer.