Water Filtration & Collection System

The Rain Water Collection & Water Filtration group will be designing and building a system that will collect and purify rainwater into drinkable water. Some problems to overcome include, but are not limited to: water storage, size constraints, grey water recycling, freezing temperatures, filter maintenance, electrical draw, and waste water. A series of different filters will yield water that can be cooked with and consumed. A small filter system is to be implemented into the gutter of the house with the main filtration system in a storage compartment located at the front of the house. The focus of this project will largely be on the compact nature of the filtration system and the purification standards it must meet.


Matthew Finley, Zachary Mapes, Shi Ruanwei, Randy Saffir


  • Preliminary Filter

  • Main Filter

  • Water Storage

  • Recycling System